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Our History

Our chapter was started in 1968 by the greatest grand daddy of them all, John Edward Boss, B.O. Lane County.  Better know as “Big John” or “Old Business". He, along with charter members, Bud Holm from Sutherlin, Oliver Eggelston from Roseburg, Emile Mortier from Eugene, Jack Mayer from Springfield and others, quickly guided the chapter to become a hot bed of activity during the vibrant 70's. This was an era of sweeping changes in government and codes and the first implementation of Oregon’s Statewide Building and Mechanical Codes.


Always an open forum for our code profession, SOCICBO became known for solid public service, legislative involvement, educational “short schools”/institutes, and fire-brand members/presidents such as Bob Eppstein, Mick Nolte, Ralph Overbay, Ron Clark, Gary Crowson, Roger Putzler, Jim Kenworthy and Dave Bassett.


During the late 80's and 90's SOCICBO continued the solid service to our members and citizens by enhancing excellence in code administration, public service, code changes, and training institutes. Such presidents as Jeff Byers, Peggy Collins, Dale Bohannan,  Mick Nolte (again) Aaron Yuma, Robert Mathias, and Dennis Killishek kept the chapter going and growing in its’ many endeavors for Code administration excellence.


During this new century, SOCICBO transitioned to a charter chapter of ICC and became even more active statewide and nationally under the able guidance of Laura lee Gray, Mark Stevenson, Lois DeBenedetti, Roger Waechter, and Chris Reising (twice).


The future looks bright ahead for SOCICC because it provides meaningful purposes for our members and the public we serve.


Dave Bassett, P.E., C.B.O

Honorary Member, SOC-ICC Past President 1976

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